2024 MRP Media Rules

Mission Raceway Park welcomes any and all professional media people to the facility. The number one priority in issuing media credentials, especially those for restricted areas, is your safety. Second is to provide a professional working environment that ensures everyone there has an equal chance to do their job and showcase our facility in as positive a manner as possible. In this age of extreme sports and extreme shooters please note the many safety rules we have in place just for you. Understand that your credentials can be revoked without prior warning at any time. Not knowing is not an excuse. Upon receiving your credentials you will be provided a copy of these rules that we suggest you read completely before beginning your job at our facility.

Please note that the following rules are for most events, but not all. Major events such as the NHRA Lucas Series and NHRA National Open may be stricter should NHRA officials decide. This can happen at any time, so you are advised to contact the MRP well before attending these two events in the event your media request may require further NHRA authorization.

All media credential requests must go through the office one week or more prior to the event you wish to attend. EMAIL [email protected]

Recognized media showing up the day of the event, without prior notice are NOT guaranteed a starting line photo/video pass. The decision will be made at the time and will depend on how many other credentials have already been issued. There is NOT an unlimited number of event media passes.

Recognized Media is existing television, radio, print, or web personnel who have a recent previous history of covering MRP events*. Freelancers without hard copies of work samples or webmasters who cannot provide links to previous coverage will not be issued media passes. Official Track Photographers from other facilities can only get a media pass if they are working for a track site, publication, etc.

*Recent previous coverage is at the discretion of the Track Management.

Freelancers, even those with professional identification, can only get a media pass by providing written terms of work from their publisher, editor, webmaster etc.

Web people seeking credentials must have a professional appearing site that has been up for a minimum of one year and be more than simply a forum.

Non-media professional and amateur video/movie producers/still photographers wanting credentials MUST contact the track well in advance (min. two weeks) with a complete written summary of what you want to do with whatever media you will produce while on the property. Possible fees for such use will be handled on an individual basis. The use of any MRP imagery showing persons or signs used in a commercial manner, with or without official track permission, may still result in further licensing or legal fees (beyond which is agreed to with MRP officials) that you alone will be liable for. If you don’t know ASK!

The track has a number of persons who provide the facility, racers, sponsors and fans with photos and videos. If you happen to capture something you feel officials may want to see, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please note that ANY photo or video taken while on the property can be considered the property of the BCCCA, and can be requested by track officials for unlimited use with no financial return at any time. Refusal to grant access to such imagery may result in legal action and/or loss of credentials or access to the property for future events. Also note that while recording photos, videos or audio that you are on private property and as such all laws apply in the event you attempt to sell or market your media without permission of the owners – the British Columbia Custom Car Club. This is regardless if you are a professional or amateur, with or without restricted area access.

Racers who have friends, relatives or even professional photographers/videographers recording their runs from the starting line must please follow the rules and not go past the banners set up on both sides of the track and do not hang around the area in front of the tower for an extended period. Such shooters will not be issued restricted area media credentials under any circumstances. You may shoot your car from this area, but not an entire class. Unlike in past years this rule will be enforced on all Test & Tune days as well as Friday night street legals. Officials have the ability to shut down any cars on the line should an unauthorized person be in an area they should not be. If you have any problems with this please contact the Race Director.

Classes or sponsors who have their own photographer/videographer must contact the Race Director before coming to the track to be issued credentials for their class only. If you wait to contact the day of the event you risk not getting a credential because of those who requested before you.

Any credentialed photographer or videographer, other than those recognized by the track, attempting to sell photos, video or any other products created from MRP imagery, to anyone other than the media outlet for whom they are working and received their credential through, either on the property or off property, will have their credentials revoked immediately. Those without credentials wanting to sell or market any product or service created or partially created with imagery from the property MUST contact track officials to determine if it will be allowed or legal action may result. The use of any imagery showing persons or signs in a commercial manner, with or without official track permission, may still result in other licensing or legal fees that the seller alone will be liable for.


General Media Rules

  1. NO photographers over the wall other than track officials. Crew members shooting video MUST be behind the wall or behind the Vehicle on the starting line.
  2. You may ONLY cross the track behind the water burnout area only. Be careful as rocks fly when cars do burnouts.
  3. NO standing on, or leaning over the guard wall. Always be aware of blocking other photographers behind or down track from you.
  4. All credentialed media shooters are welcome to use the spectator side ladder platform, but if a track shooter requires the stand, you may be asked to move off or share it. NEVER move the ladder without first asking the Media Director. Moving it may result in losing your credentials.
  5. Top end access is limited to the last turnoff road and is available ON REQUEST ONLY to the Media Director. Inexperienced shooters need not ask.
  6. Access to the stand atop the bridge is available ON REQUEST ONLY.
  7. Access to the roof of the tower is available by request to the Media Director only.
  8. Access to the starter’s area in the middle of the track is available ON REQUEST from the Media Director ONLY. Should you be caught in this area without permission, your credentials may be revoked.
  9. No going past the end of the concrete pad alongside the guardrail. If you do not know where this is ASK, as if you go too far down track you risk having your credentials revoked.
  10. If you are on the starting line, please be WORKING. No standing around blocking the view of the paying spectators behind you. This rule will be strictly enforced at major events. Repeated requests to move back may result in loss of credentials.
  11. Media access to the top floor hospitality area is at the discretion of MRP track officials NOT the Media Director. Please ask an official if are not sure.
  12. NEVER turn your back on a running car. Follow the second car down the track, not the first.
  13. In the event of an accident STAY CLEAR and DO NOT go over the wall for any reason, the safety crew operates at very high speed, stay out of their way! Please Hold any Media regarding Incidents until approval from Media Director has been given to release photo and or video.
  14. CAMERAS must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners. Cameras may not be attached with suction cups, wire ties, hose clamps etc. For any camera mounted externally to any vehicle, all mounting brackets, associated fasteners, hardware etc. from the camera to the vehicle attachment point must be metal. No plastic or non-metallic components permitted. For all vehicles, attachment to the Driver, the Driver’s helmet, or the steering wheel/handle bars is prohibited.
  15. ***Proof of Personal Liability Insurance Will be Required for Media to access Restricted Areas***