1. UPON ENTERING THE FACILITY wristbands must be CLEARLY displayed on your WRIST. Failure to do so may result in removal from the facility and having to pay admittance.
  2. ALL drivers/operators of motorized vehicles/pit vehicles must be at least 16 years of age, have a valid driver’s license (excluding Jr. Dragsters and Jr. Street), and must be covered by adequate general liability insurance. All operators shall provide proof of such insurance, a driver’s license, and any other applicable credentials upon the request of an NHRA or MRP official.
  3. MRP encourages you to contact your personal insurance agent to research the best option for you to meet the new insurance requirements for auxiliary vehicles. Your coverage options may vary depending upon your existing insurance coverage, your particular place of residence, and whether the auxiliary vehicle is licensed for street use. But, as general guidance, coverage may be obtained through purchase of an endorsement on your personal auto or homeowners policy or through special policies offered by various insurance companies. Professional race teams can secure coverage under their Commercial General Liability and/or Commercial auto policy
  4. NOTE: Unsafe or improper operation of any vehicle and/or any violation of these rules may, at the sole discretion of MRP, result in penalties against the owner and/or operator, including, but not limited to, immediate impoundment of the vehicle, loss of racing privileges, and/or expulsion from MRP.
  5. Any pit vehicle and/or support vehicle must display a corresponding number for the race vehicle it is with. Example: 1234 PRO. Auxiliary pit vehicles may be used for necessary transportation only. Joyriding, cruising, or recreational riding is prohibited. Vehicles are only allowed on the facility grounds when the owner is actually competing in the event. Spectators, guests, and nonparticipants are not allowed to bring pit vehicles onto the property. MRP reserves the right to reject any motorized pit vehicle depending upon its design, condition, appearance, or construction.
  6. Only ONE support vehicle per race car as per NHRA rules will be allowed.
  7. All children under the age of 16 shall ride in the enclosed area of a support vehicle at all times.
  8. Motorized pit vehicles may only be used starting one hour prior, until two hours after the day’s schedule is completed (and for race related purposes only). Pit vehicles must also have working headlights & tail lights.
  9. A licensed driver must be in the car at all times when it is running. When running in gear, the rear axle must be on jack stands (as per NHRA rule book) and have a licensed driver in the car.
  10. No burnouts, spinning or torqueing in the pit area, staging lanes, or camping areas. ANY infraction is grounds for disqualification.
  11. No riding on cars.
  12. All race vehicles & support vehicles must observe 20 km (10 mph) speed limit in the pits and staging areas. Excessive speed in pits and return roads will be dealt with severely.
  13. Do not come to the staging lanes until your class has been called. Please monitor the PA or 92.7 FM for staging lane assignments.
  14. Windows must be rolled up when staging.
  15. Dial-ins must be displayed on left side window and right front windshield in BOLD, CLEAR lettering.
  16. We encourage courtesy staging (please wait for opponent to pre-stage before staging).
  17. As outlined in the 2020 NHRA Rule Book drivers (if required) must use a helmet meeting Snell or SFI Specifications. An NHRA approved helmet is required for cars running 13.99 or quicker. A full face helmet is mandatory on all cars running 9.99 or quicker. See NHRA rule book for additional requirements on individual classes. All drivers of convertibles regardless of ET must wear a Snell approved helmet.
  18. Passengers are allowed in vehicles running 14.00 seconds and slower provided they wear their seatbelt and an NHRA approved helmet (see above).
  19. ALL passengers MUST wear a helmet.
  20. ALL motorcycles require lanyards.
  21. SLICKS – All cars running slicks, regardless of ET, must have a driveshaft loop.
  22. Please do not take off your helmet or loosen belts until you are off the race track. Infraction is grounds for disqualification.
  23. RIGHT OF WAY – Tower lane has the right of way on exit off the track unless track personnel is guiding you differently.
  24. RAIN CHEQUES – Entry fee will be rain chequed only if NO runs were made. If you advance past the head of staging it is considered a run. (under certain circumstances we will issue a refund, see the Race Director).
  25. TIME TRIALS – Number of time trials on the weekend will depend on the number of vehicles, weather conditions, and time permitting.
  26. OIL DISPOSAL – Dumping of used oil and antifreeze other than in designated tanks in two locations at the track will not be tolerated and will be grounds for eviction from the facility. Violators will be charged for complete clean-up expenses, as well will be criminally charged under the Canadian Environmental Act. (CEAA)
  27. RESTRICTED AREAS – All persons entering the restricted areas must sign the waiver and release prior to entering. Restricted area wristband must be worn on the wrist in plain view. You must leave the restricted area immediately after your car has run down the track. Includes in front of the timing tower and the entire area behind the burnout boxes.
  28. OIL DOWNS – If you experience any difficulties running down the track, pull over immediately to the side of the track and safely stop. Wait for the safety crew to arrive and give directions. It is strongly suggested that you install an oil containment device on your vehicle.
  29. SAND TRAP – The sand trap is a restricted area. Anyone caught using the sand trap for any other purposes, except what it is intended for may be fined and/or have their racing privileges suspended for the weekend without refund of racing fees.
  30. PLEASE – No revving of engine prior to 8:30 a.m. (It is okay to idle to Tech)
  31. ALCOHOL – No consumption of alcohol on site until event day is complete. If you are still in competition, you can be disqualified if anyone is observed drinking alcohol around your pit area. No prohibited substances permitted at any time.
  32. CAMPING – Please show courtesy & consideration your fellow participants/campers. Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. – All generators must be turned off at this time.
  33. GATES – Gates are locked at 10:00 p.m. Night security is on site and available to open the gate in case of emergency.
  34. DOGS – Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times. Owners are responsible to pick up after their dogs (if you fail to pick up after your dog your dog will not be welcome and you may be fined and/or have your racing privileges suspended for the weekend without refund of racing fees).
  35. HELMETS – All helmets must meet the NHRA Helmet Expiration Dates. Please read helmet rules here.
  36. BEACH – No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the beach area unless
    accompanied by an adult. Mission Raceway Park and the BC CUSTOM CAR
    ASSOCIATION assumes no liability whatsoever if you choose to enter the beach area. There is NO SUPERVISION on the beach. If you enter the beach, it is at your own risk.
  37. CAMERAS must be securely attached to the vehicle with appropriate fasteners. Cameras may not be attached with suction cups, wire ties, hose clamps etc. For any camera mounted externally to any vehicle, all mounting brackets, associated fasteners, hardware etc. from the camera to the vehicle attachment point must be metal. No plastic or non-metallic components permitted. For all vehicles, attachment to the Driver, the Driver’s helmet, or the steering wheel is prohibited.