Street Legals Procedures

Upon arrival at the track please proceed to the Tech Inspection Area (west of the pit area) where your car will receive a safety inspection by Mission Raceway Park Tech Officials. They will also determine you class and assign a number to your car. If you need to drain your antifreeze please do so before going to Tech (DO NOT DRAIN ANTIFREEZE ONTO THE GROUND – YOU MUST USE A CONTAINER). Once you have passed Tech you can proceed to the general pit area and prepare to race (anyone not capable of passing Tech will receive a refund). When the racing begins, wait until your class has been called before coming to the lanes. All announcements are broadcast over the PA and can also be received on your car radio at 92.7FM.

Once you reach the head of staging you must be ‘suited up’ ie; seat belts buckled, helmet on, windows up, etc, and be prepared to start your car and race. An MRP Official will then direct you to the burnout box. Only Slick Tired vehicles will be permitted to do a water burnout (No other burnouts are permitted anywhere else on the facility). All cars must self start and self stage. All drivers will be given a reasonable amount of time to ‘stage’ their vehicle. New Drivers to the MRP Street Legal events will have an N put on their windshield. This will let the Starting Line crew know that you have never raced before. Watch them, they will instruct you on the procedure to follow. Any driver leaving the starting line before the tree is activated will not receive a time.

A “Red Light’ start’ will not effect your times. Important – If you experience any difficulty on your run down the dragstrip, please pull over to the outside of your lane (near the guardrail) to avoid spilling of fluids on the dragstrip which will require cleanup and delay the race program. Follow the signals and directions of the Safety Crew as they may see a problem you are unaware of.

Once past the finish line please remember that the Driver in the Left Lane (Tower Side) has the right of way. Proceed down the return road to the ‘ET Shack’ to receive your Time Slip. And remember to observe the 10kph speed limit on the return road and the pit lanes while on the way back to your pit area.