This program allows the Tree to be fully shielded, but still allows drivers in Super Pro, Top Comp, and Top Dragster classes to cross-over. CROSSTALK functions by lighting the top bulb in both lanes at the exact same time. This allows both cars a direct hit on the Tree. The slower car’s Tree will continue counting down as normal. The quicker car’s top light will remain lit for the duration of the handicap, plus the normal 0.5 second, before counting down the second and third lights as normal. The driver of the faster car in a pair may cancel the CROSSTALK system by including an “N” behind their dial (example 7.85N). If you have any questions or do not understand how crosstalk works please consult with the Race Director. A dash symbol “-” will appear in front of the dial posted on the scoreboard (-10.05) to indicate that CROSSTALK is not on place. Drivers should check the score-board before staging. There will be NO re-runs for incorrect tree configurations.