MRP Is An Award Winning Race Track & Nine Time Division Six Track Of The Year

We were unable to finish this past weekend’s race so because it was a Wally race we will be finishing it the Saturday morning of the next race weekend. The following people are still in

Super Pro – M. Rachel, P. Karr, B. Lowe
Hot Rod – L. Petrin, R. Hermsen
Sportsman – J. Tabak, R. Hermsen
Pro – R. Walker, J. Behnke, B. Prescott.

You will be given one time trial and then the eliminations will finish. Ladders are already set so the time trial is to allow you the opportunity to get your dial in.


BCCCA Executive for 2015:

President – Ken Giffen
Vice President – Ken Lowe
Secretary – Richardt Scholz
Treasurer – Bob Behnke
Business Manager – Ron Farmer
Membership Chairman – Grant Eldridge
Director – Brent Whitney
Director – Ray Grossmith

MRP Race Director: Wally Duperon Jr.