West Coast Outlaw Street Rules

West Coast Outlaw Street

WC Outlaw Street is a 1/8 Mile heads up class for all Street Vehicles and Street Bikes.

Vehicles & Bikes Must retain original appearance, profiles and must include all body parts while competing with a hood, bumpers etc during allelimination rounds.

Any & All ET Extenders (duck bills, pecker extenders will not be allowed)


Steel roof and quarters required except those originally manufactured with composite bodies. 1949 and earlier model year composite bodies accepted but must maintain factory style appearance. Some Factory Replacement Composite Bodies will be accepted on a case by case basis but have to be of stock dimensions. Please Email [email protected] if you have questions.

Must be licensed and insured.

Vehicles must run on pump gas, E85, or Race gas.

Vehicles racing in Competition must be equipped with DOT tires, mufflers and exhaust which must exit outside the vehicle.

Must have working side windows (go up and down)

All lights must work (signal, brake, headlights & running lights) Working horn.

No decals permitted on the body. Sponsor Decals permitted on the top of windshield. rear window, spoilers and wings.

Must have two front seats and be usable (no Nitrous Bottles or things mounted on the passenger seat, etc.)

Must complete a 50km cruise without stopping. (No fueling up allowed)

No throttle stops or delay boxes.


Must be licensed and insured.

Must complete a 50km cruise without stopping. (No fueling up allowed)

Motorcycles racing in competition must be equipped with DOT tires.

Must have working front & rear brakes, all lights must work, headlight, brake/tail light, signal lights, and horn.

Only ONE sponsor decal permitted on side body panels, all others on swingarm or windscreen

Race Day Policy’s

Field Size & Ladder:

WC Outlaw Street will run on 1/8 mile .400 Pro Tree and Qualify fastest to slowest. We will follow the NHRA “Official Ladder” for the field size. Auto-Start is ON.

Lane choice is decided by coin flip all rounds


If you think your competitor is not legal within the rules/weights claimed you may contest for $500 if the Competitor is found to be illegal they will be DQ’d and your $500 will be returned. If they are legal they will Receive the $500 Contest Fee. If you have questions pertaining to West Coast Outlaw Street rules please email [email protected]