Gulf & Fraser Financial Limited Street Rules

2023 Gulf & Fraser Financial Limited Street Points Series

2023 Gulf & Fraser Financial Limited Street Series will be run as follows.

To be Eligible you must be a member of the “West Coast Outlaws”.

As a Member you will be able to accrue points at 5 races throughout the season.

The Top 3 in points upon conclusion of the season will receive payouts and trophies. The Champion will also receive a “gold card” which will allow free testing for the 2024 Season at MRP.

The Top 5 in points will receive custom made class jackets.


10 Points will be given to every car that stages under own power in round 1 and is legal within the rules

11 Points for every round win

10 Points for Race Champion

**Points Will Be Awarded based of Minimum 8 Car Ladder at all events (IE if less then 8 cars race champion will still receive 53 points) this is to create parity for points awarded between all races even with smaller car counts**

5 Points #1 Qualifier

4 Points #2 Qualifier

3 Points #3 Qualifier

2 Points #4 Qualifier

1 Point #5 Qualifier

If a tie exists (for any position) at the end of the West Coast Outlaw Series, it shall be

resolved as follows. If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed

until tie is broken.

(1) Driver with most rounds won wins tie.

(2) Driver with most “head to head” victories wins tie.

(3) Calculate average qualifying positions. Qualifying position to be

rounded to one decimal point – for example, a driver qualifying 8, 15, and 9 would have a 10.7

average. Driver with the lowest average qualifying position wins tie.


Member Fee $100 Due Before First Race

Members will be eligible for year end points series payouts and prizes

With membership you will also receive:

West Coast Outlaw Hat, T Shirt

“priority parking” at major event”


Year End Payouts:



Race #1 May 19-20 (Seattle) Entry Fee $250

Race #2 June 30 – July 1 (Mission) Entry Fee $250

Race #3 TBD (Alberta) Entry Fee $250

Race #4 Aug 25-26 (Mission) Entry Fee $250

Race #5 Sept 29 – Oct 1 (Mission) Entry Fee $250

2023 Gulf & Fraser Financial Limited Street Rules

All steel car (except those originally manufactured in fiberglass, i.e., Corvette) must retain its original appearance, profiles and must include all body parts while competing with a hood, bumpers etc during all elimination rounds

Any & All ET Extenders (duck bills, pecker extenders) will not be allowed

Composite Hood and Deck Lid Permitted

Front Bumpers can be composite but must maintain factory appearance. Non OEM bumper openings are Not Permitted

No forward facing turbo or blower inlets

Must Retain Factory floors can be notched and patched for roll cage, Must retain factory unaltered firewall, in original location. A cosmetic overlay is permitted

All Windows must be OEM glass and driver’s door window must be fully operational (Trucks only may use Lexan Rear Window to allow Roll Cage to exit the cab)


All Factory type front suspension only. Coil over shocks are allowed. Aftermarket replacement control arms are allowed. Aftermarket K-Members/Commercially available sub-Frames allowed. (Must have prior approval from tech) Strut towers must be in factory location with factory sheet metal attaching factory frame rail to top of strut tower, can be notched, windowed, or trimmed for header clearance but must maintain factory sheet-metal attachment. Pre-1978 and Older Vehicles: The use of aftermarket bolt-on front suspension kits for engine fitment is permitted. Factory strut/shock towers are optional in pre-1978 vehicles using an aftermarket bolt-on front suspension kit.


Aftermarket factory-replacement-type K-member permitted but must attach to the chassis using only the original factory OEM-type mounting bolts. No part of the K-member may be welded to the chassis.


Factory Style Rear Suspension for make and model of vehicle entered Rear coil overs permitted


Must have factory front and rear frame rail. Front frame rail must extend to front of strut tower. Aftermarket tube front ends are legal ie. Team Z Motorsports mustang tube front ends. Horizontal and vertical notching of rear frame rail is permitted for tire/rear end clearance.


Vehicle interior must have Carpet, factory dash and door panels

Rear seat delete is accepted

Must retain passenger seat, mounting of nitrous bottle in passenger seat is accepted


4500 intake accepted but must be reduced to 4150 carb/ TB or no larger than 102mmTB with elbow/adapter on Non NA applications

Nitrous Big Blocks must retain Factory Valve Angle

Nitrous Small Blocks can use any inline “Non-Billet” Cylinder Heads (No Canted Valve)

No after-market Aluminum or Billet Blocks Permitted

No Methanol

No Bull Horns or Zoomies (exhaust can exit the fender, side of front bumper or under the vehicle but must not protrude more than 2-inches from the point of exit) No Hood Exit Exhaust

Hood Scoops for Nitrous or N/A combos are limited to clear lexan

All entries must have a production muffler.

SB Power Adder Limited to 440 cubic inch (NA permitted up to 470 cubic inch)

BB NA Limited to 620 cu in

BB NOS limited to 572 cu in (Includes BOP – Mopar entry)


Plate System: Any conventional 4150 single stage or cross-bar single stage plate nitrous system with a maximum of four spray bars (two nitrous & two fuel) permitted.

Single 10lb nitrous only, dual bottles not permitted.

Single forward facing FI plates accepted max 102mm

Single .125 max nitrous solenoid size

Nitrous BB -4 feed line maximum

Nitrous SB -6 feed line maximum


Maximum supercharger sizes D1, V-7/V30 JTB Trim, NOVI 2000, Kenny Bell 3.6, Whipple 3.4, YSic, D1x.

Roots 6-71 blowers must be off the shelf street style – B&M type/TBS) Sb w/ single carb on gas only.



Max cast turbo size 76mm measured tip to tip. Compressor inducer will not exceed 76 mm

Compressor Exducer will not exceed 102 mm

Compressor Exducer extended tip may not be larger than 108mm measured with a Pi Tape. Caliper measurements will not be accepted for Tip to Tip specs

Turbine will be 96 mm X 88 mm

The Borg Warner S400SX4 S475 1.32 a/r with T6 flange fits into this category

True North turbo makes a Class legal 76mm turbo also

Air to Air intercooler only


Max tire size 275/60



Naturally Aspirated:

SB naturally aspirated – 2600

BB NA 3000 (+100 lbs. for big chief style head)

Nitrous Oxide:

SB nitrous – 8.2 deck 2750

SB nitrous – 2850

BB nitrous 3300

BOP Mopar 3150

Forced Induction:

SB cast turbo 76mm – 3200 SB

Twin Cast 60mm – 3350

SB D1, NOVI 2000, Kenny Bell 3.6, Whipple 3.4 – 3100

SB V7/V30 JTB Trim – 3125

SB D1x – 3250

SB YSI cast – 3250

Deduct 50lbs no rear coil overs

Deduct 50lbs 235 or smaller tire

Add 50lbs for Mod Motor/coyote

Add 25lbs for Throttle body larger than 92mm round or Ford style oval Mono blade



WC Limited Street will run on the 1/8th mile .400 Pro Tree and qualify for a 16-car field (with Alternates) 16-car Pro Ladder. If less than 16 cars enter, we will follow the NHRA “Official Ladder” for the field size. Auto-Start is ON


All WC Limited Street entries can tow to staging lanes and to the track scales with a golf cart or other similar small tow vehicle. All carts will be subject to search by a MRP Official at any time.


After each qualifying and elimination pass, all WC Limited Street cars must stop and weigh at the track scales. If you lose in eliminations, and your opponent fails to make weight you will be reinstated into the eliminations only if you made minimum weight requirements. If both cars failed to make minimum weight, both cars will be disqualified. It is the driver’s responsibility to verify with each track scale, the weight of his/her car prior to each race day. There will be a 5lb error factor allowed.


Each WC Limited Street driver must alternate lanes during qualifying. If you choose to ignore this rule, your second consecutive pass in the same lane on the same day will be disqualified.


The Auto-Start System will be turned on with a 7-sec timeout for all Qualifying and Elimination rounds


All vehicles must take the Tree & Scale in order to not be disqualified and for opportunity at Lane-Choice the next round


If you think your competitor is not legal within the rules/weights claimed you may contest for $500 if the Competitor is found to be illegal they will be DQ’d and your $500 will be returned. If they are legal they will Receive the $500 Contest Fee.

If you have questions pertaining to West Coast Limited Street Rules please email [email protected]