Inline Sales Pro Street

Inline Sales Pro Street is a 1/8 Mile heads up class

2023 West Coast Inline Sales Pro Series will be run as follows:

To be eligible to earn points you must be a member of the “West Coast Outlaws”.

As a Member you will be able to accrue points at multiple races throughout the season.

The Top 3 in points upon conclusion of the season will receive payouts and trophies. Year end champion will receive a champion jacket. 


10 Points will be given to every car that stages under own power in round 1 and is legal within the rules

11 Points for every round win

10 Points for Race Champion

**Points Will Be Awarded based of Minimum 8 Car Ladder at all events (IE if less then 8 cars race champion will still receive 53 points) this is to create parity for points awarded between all races even with smaller car counts**

5 Points #1 Qualifier

4 Points #2 Qualifier

3 Points #3 Qualifier

2 Points #4 Qualifier

1 Point #5 Qualifier

If a tie exists (for any position) at the end of the West Coast Outlaw Series, it shall be

resolved as follows. If, after step one is followed a tie still remains, additional steps are to be followed

until tie is broken.

(1) Driver with most rounds won wins tie.

(2) Driver with most “head to head” victories wins tie.

(3) Calculate average qualifying positions. Qualifying position to be

rounded to one decimal point – for example, a driver qualifying 8, 15, and 9 would have a 10.7

average. Driver with the lowest average qualifying position wins tie.


Member Fee $100 Due Before First Race

Members will be eligible for year end points series payouts and prizes

With membership you will also receive:

West Coast Outlaw Hat, T Shirt

“Priority Parking” at major events”

Year End Payouts:



June 30 – July 2 Doorwarz 11 Presented by Titanium Autogroup

Aug 25-27 Smoke Fire Thunder Presented by Lordco Auto Parts

Sept 29 – Oct 1 West Coast Outlaw Shootout

Inline Sales Pro Street Rules