2020 MRP Summit ET Series Points and Tech Rules

The Following Races are with NO SPECTATORS and Limited Crew

Non Electronics, Electronics, Hot Rod, Motorcycle are limited to 1 Crew per car

Doorslammer, JR Street and JR Dragsters are limited to 2 Crew per car

Points Races will be on Following Dates:

  • June 21
  • July 18
  • July 19
  • Aug 8
  • Aug 9

The Following Classes will be included in the 2020 points series:

  • Non Electronics
  • Electronics
  • Hot rod
  • Motorcycle
  • JR Thunder
  • JR Lighting
  • JR Street

***Due to the quick start to the season there will be 1 throwaway race, drivers Points will be calculated based off their 4 best finishes***


  • At your 1st event of the season you must designate on your tech card Sportsman/ pro/ super pro if you are running in electronics or non-electronics. This will be used to qualify you for ET Finals and the ROC for your selected class for the 2020 ET Finals
  • Points will be Accumulated using the regular points format
  • Track Champion will be crowned in the running of ROC at the “Mission Finals” Sept 12-13 (More info will be released soon)
  • There will be no payouts or gold card for 2020 Track Champions

2020 Tech Procedure

Drivers will be required to self tech their Race Vehicle. YOU will be responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe and fits the rules to be racing on the track we will be doing random checks throughout the weekend but due to the circumstances will not be checking every single car. Drivers will need to fill out and sign their tech card as well as the attached Rules & Waiver form and return to the timing tower. There will be a Box at the base of the east side of the timing tower that you will place your completed tech card and form into.