Dark Lotus Drift Grassroots Round 2
Oct 17th 2021

8am to 5pm
Prize Money
(Based on 32 Car Registration)
Each Round
1st Place – UP TO $2000 + Other Prizes!
2nd Place – UP TO $1000 +Other Prizes!
3rd Place – UP TO $500 + Other Prizes!
End of the Year Season Champions
1st Place – $TBA + Gold Card Pass(Free Entry to every drift event the following season!)
2nd Place – $TBA
3rd Place – $TBA
Competition Drivers Entry Fee : $250
Email Transfer Full Payment $250 to Register @ DarkLotus.ca
or PayPal at our Swag Shop on our website https://www.DarkLotus.BigCartel.com
Please Note the date and Grassroots in the message
you will be added to the Drivers List!
Visit www.DarkLotus.ca for more information.
Grassroots Competition Specific Drift Car Rules
– Vehicle must be Rear Wheel Drive
– NO vehicles that are in the Formula Drift Pro-Am, Formula Drift Pro or Pro Spec Series
– Any vehicle with any active or future Formula Drift Competition in this calendar year is not allowed!
– Rear Tires Maximum width 245 must be clearly labeled on sidewall of the tire
– Front Tires are open to any size
– No quick change rear differentials allowed
– No Dog Box or Sequential Transmissions allowed
– Drivers cannot switch vehicles during Qualifying or Competition
– Must pass Vehicle Tech Inspection Rules at http://www.DarkLotus.ca
Round 2 (October 17th 2021)
Tandem Drift Competition Top 32 Schedule
8am Gates Open
8:30am Tech Inspections Start
9 am Drivers Meeting.
Morning Practice, Late Morning Qualifying, Early Afternoon Competition, End of day Podium Ceremony

*No spectators at this time.

Please visit https://darklotus.ca for more information.

Please follow the Covid Safety Guidelines as per the link above.

Racers Info


  • Drifters $250 CAD

Entry Info

Gate times:

  • Drifters Gate 9:00 am -

Please note: All price, times and event details are subject to change