Our very first Drift School is happening!
October 16th 2021

9am to 4:30pm
*Only 25 Driver Spots Available*
Drivers Fee is $250
(email transfer to register @ darklotus.ca ) password “MissionToDrift”
or PayPal at
This day is for beginner & Intermediate drivers who want to start learning how to do burnouts, donuts and drifting with their own rear wheel drive vehicle.
This day is not for advanced drivers.
We will have multiple Drifting Instructors to help guide you in some lessons.
we will have 3 different Track Layouts going
1 Beginner Area
2 Intermediate Areas
*All vehicles must pass our Tech Inspection see the website for rules.
Suggested Car Setup
Must be RWD
Good Tires
Good Brakes
Tie Rod Spacers / Bump Stops trimmed or removed
Hand Brake
Locked or Welded Diff
Tire Pressures set

No spectators at this time.

Please visit https://darklotus.ca for more details.

Please follow the Covid Safety Guidelines as per the link above.

Racers Info


  • Drift Students $250 CAD

Gate times:

  • Drift Students 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Please note: All price, times and event details are subject to change