Racer INFO for this season…

Some information for from the Racer meetings (Thank-you Silvia and Yvette) :)
There will be a throwaway for this year. A throwaway does not include a rainout.
Mission Raceway will also have a payment to a winner of a race who has a diaper or containment system on their car, and is not required to have the system, and wins a race. The payment is a one time payment per racer per year.
The Tru-start system is not ready yet and will not be used this year. If this changes, Mission will advise.
Yvette has volunteered to submit winners names to Be a Member Be a Winner program. Please provide your NHRA membership number and expiry date to Yvette Jacobsen.
Please ensure that you fill out your tech card completely. If you are running two classes, “please see other card” is not filling out the tech card. If you are running synthetics, please make a note on your tech card or if you have a problem on the track, let the staff know so they can make the appropriate clean up.
Mission will try to have $5.00 runs if races are completed by 3:00 pm on Saturdays.
In the past there have been complaints that classes take too long to run. One reason is that sometimes racers take their time getting to the lanes when their class is called. To help speed up the process, the track is going to look at closing the lanes after three calls. Everyone is asked to make every effort to get to the lanes when they are called so that hopefully we can keep the program running smoothly.
Sportsman and Pro are going to look at having buy backs for those who go out first round. You still only get first round points but for 20.00 you can continue to race.
Please watch for some other ideas that came up and will be posted in separate posts.
Thank you.