April 21-23 Race weekend

We are doing a sun dance and are very hopeful that our first drag race of the season will be on April 21st -23rd… starting with a Friday Test & Tune (reservations open now) and including a BCSSMA High School race. On the evening of the 21st is a Mopac Auto Supply Street Legal Event. On Saturday and Sunday April 22 & 23 there is a B-1 NHRA Summit ET Race as well as Jr. Dragster, Jr. Street, & Hot Rod. 2017 Land of the Leaders ET Challenge (Sun only) 1 of 4, NHRA Member Track Madness Program. We wil be having a Driver’s meeting on Saturday morning, just prior to starting the Saturday Eliminations for the Gold Card Races.
In order to clear up the outstanding backlog of Team Mission Gold Card Races we will attempt to run the races starting on April 22nd. We will start with the oldest outstanding race first (2014). If we are unable to complete these races by the end of April we will put the attending Racer’s names in a hat and draw for a winner. We look forward to seeing everyone! Lets go racing!!!!!!!